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On The Move
Mobile broadband, your company lifeline.

Keep one step ahead of your competitors with the latest mobile broadband packages from Hale Communications, when you need it and where you need it..

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Office 365

Access, edit and share everything from the office cloud.

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ISDN Line Rental

ISDN phone lines provide solid stable communications technology.

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Cloud Services
Cloud is a simple and cheaper way to run your business.

Delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need.

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Business Communications

  • Business Mobile & Data
    We are a Vodafone Partners for a reason. Hale is the complete mobile solution provider. With experience, quality, capability and
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  • BlackBerry® ESE
    Unlock Your Business Potential Unlock the potential of your business by connecting all of your employees with the best mobile
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  • Mobile Broadband
    Get your laptop on-line using your phone. Getting web access when you are out and about is easy with Vodafone
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  • Apple iPad
    Full of great ideas. Once you pick up iPad, it'll be hard to put down, it's thin and light, so
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Leading Technology


Business communications worldwide.

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Using latest satellite technology.

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Communication is key to success.

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Business Landlines

  • ISDN Line Rental

    It's not just big corporations that need high-quality telephone services. More and more people are working in small offices or at home.

    With our choice of ISDN2e or ISDN30/30e you can enjoy exceptional line quality and fast and error free data transfer.

    If you are an office with 2 – 8 users then our ISDN2e service for sending voice, video and information over telephone wires very quickly is ideal for you.

    If you require more than 8 lines, then our larger service for sending voice, video and information over telephone wires very quickly is best for your business.

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  • Call Charges

    High-quality business telephony services are a prerequisite for almost every business. If you want to reduce your expenses without sacrificing performance, Calls and Lines delivers high quality business telephony with extremely competitive calls costs, while allowing you to retain your BT lines and numbers. We use an independent third party to show you how much you could reduce your call costs by, so you know in advance what the service can offer and how much money you are likely to save. Your calls are routed over the C&WW network, using Carrier Pre Selection without needing any of your equipment or numbers to be changed.

    Extremely competitive – a highly competitive call tariff that is guaranteed to beat BT by 25%.
    Honest and Transparent – we use an independent third party to analyse your bill, and show you how much you can save. There are no hidden charges – e.g. we don't have any "call connect" charges.
    Immediate savings – quick and easy to set up so you can start saving in a couple of weeks. There's nothing to sign – just say YES and we'll do it all for you and send you a copy of the contract.
    Peace of Mind – the C&WW network is the UK's largest business network and is constantly monitored so you can be assured of maximum performance and reliability.
    Highly flexible – as your business grows the service can be set up across an individual site or multiple sites and individual telephone numbers.
    In control – ability to easily view and analyse your bills on-line.

    Technical features

    Carrier pre selection (CPS) still uses the concept of access codes, but the access codes are implemented at the exchange rather than the customers' premises.
    As the call reaches the exchange, BT's systems can identify the call, with the aid of the access code, and route it over the relevant operator's network. These 8xxx codes are administered by Ofcom and are only available to a licensed CPS Operator. CPS is a more effective and efficient way of re-routing calls.

    What happens to my network and calling features?
    Any features on your lines are transferred as they are.

    What service levels do you offer?
    Exactly the same as BT – we use the same engineers from Openreach

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  • Direct Voice

    If your business employs over 100 people or typically spends over £20,000 a year on calls, then our Direct Voice solution is ideal for your needs.

    Using the C&WW next-generation network to deliver a digital ISDN30 link directly into your business, it offers a high level of quality and resilience so that your vital services will always provide the performance you need.

    Direct Voice is simple to implement – there's usually no need to change your existing phone numbers and pricing plans are flexible depending on your requirements, with industry-leading tariffs.

    To help you stay in control of costs, you can view your fully itemised bill and analyse call spend with powerful tools using THUS e-billing. With 24/7 support, our Team are always here to help whenever you need them
    SIP Trunking

    THUS SIP Trunking gives you the ability to begin enjoying the benefits of IP voice technology using your existing telephony equipment.

    With no need for costly, new equipment, we simply provide you with an IP gateway that sits between your existing voice infrastructure and your IP network.

    With SIP Trunking, you will start to enjoy benefits including substantial line rental and call cost savings. You can also benefit from hosted voice-mail, time-of-day-routing, call recording and hosted interactive voice response (IVR) to keep your business connected and productive.

    With access to the THUS Service Portal, you will have complete control and visibility of your solution, with comprehensive number management capabilities. No more waiting and paying for numbers to be moved to a different line – you simply use the portal to reroute your numbers to the right location, including home numbers and mobiles.

    With our managed service option, our team of experts can manage your solution for you, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we keep you connected.

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  • PBX Installations

    Hale Communications specialise in the installation and support of both new and upgraded hardware, software and network technology. Our accredited engineers work closely with you ensuring complete understanding of your project. We provide PBX solutions to a wide spectrum of organisations, from large corporates to smaller businesses.

    The first objective when undertaking a successful installation project is to agree core commercial targets. By analysing how telephony can help handle the flow of information within their organisation and strengthen working relationships, our clients gain a better understanding of what we can achieve for them.

    We will then produce a detailed project plan which our team follow to the letter, ensuring you have the best system possible within a defined period of time at a predefined cost. We achieve these goals time and again through refined expertise, disciplined logistical planning and a developed understanding of our clients' needs.

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  • Business Landlines

    Exceptional Value

    We offer a free, no obligation bill analysis service, just provide us with your last fixed-network bill and our team will give you expert advice on how your business can improve both the design of your network and your commercial terms with our diverse and flexible services.

    Why Switch?

    Hale comms can offer enormous flexibility and rise to any fixed network challenge across a wide variety of connection methods. Through our carefully selected partners, Hale comms offers the most-competitive tariffs for UK, mobile and international calls and we can deliver you a price plan and billing experience that is tailored to your business. This is alongside the benefits that you gain by having a local account manager and team of experts on hand should you require any assistance with your account.

    What About Business Disruption?

    By delivering you the best-value and service, we are confident you will want to switch your services to us but we understand how important it is not to disrupt your business during the move. We deliver pain-free migration, there is no need to change your numbers, install extra equipment or deal with your existing provider – just leave this with us. For you it's business as usual with great savings on UK, mobile and international calls.

    No Hidden Catches

    Complex tariffs and contracts are in no one's interest so we only offer honest value for money. Many suppliers charge premiums for calls to 0870 numbers, or round call costs to the nearest penny. We appreciate that small economies add up to big savings so we bill calls per-second and only round to the nearest tenth of a penny with no connection fees or minimum call charges.

    Built Around You

    Challenge us to meet your disaster recovery and flexible working needs. We can advise on a range of tools to keep your business telephony up-and running, from call diversion to creation of virtual numbers. This forms an ongoing part of your service with us and we can route calls to wherever you need to work, no matter what the business need.

    Inbound Numbers

    We can quickly source and set up non-geographic '08' and '03' numbers and help you select features that will ensure you can offer the best possible customer experience. We can also provide local geographic telephone numbers so that you can be local to all of your customers, and in most cases this can be achieved on a pay per call basis with no set up costs.

    Call Routing and Management

    Intelligent routing of calls can be a huge differentiator to your business; we have the ability to scope these requirements and develop policies and procedures to manage your call volumes. Pro-active call management helps you to respond quickly to customers' queries at single or multiple locations and we can provide a web-based portal to dynamically manage the routing of calls and view how calls are being answered.

    Billing and Analysis

    Our tailored on-line billing platform with easy-to use management tools can help you analyse your bills. You can access your account and inventory details on our portal and we will ensure you are given full and comprehensive training to make the best use of it.

    Exceptional Value

    We offer a free, no obligation bill analysis service, just provide us with your last fixed-network bill and our team will give you expert advice on how your business can improve both the design of your network and your commercial terms with our diverse and flexible services.

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