Most businesses run on information, so an effective data network is an absolute priority for your business performance. The amount of work your people can get done, the experience your customers receive all depend on the speed, quality and flexibility of your network. THUS provides a broad portfolio of end-to-end services and support that can help you lower network total cost of ownership and dramatically increase your business agility.
Internet VPN

When you have multiple business sites and people working remotely, making sure they have the right, secure connectivity to work effectively can sometimes be a challenge. With our Internet VPN solution, your people can now quickly and cost-effectively communicate, share information and access systems wherever they are working using a secure Wide Area Network accessible both wirelessly and from wired connections.
Internet VPN also reflects the growing trend of moving business applications from data centres to the cloud. Built on a range of Internet Access connections, it includes pro-active monitoring and support around the clock so you can be confident your business is always connected. With fast deployment times and lower costs compared to IP, our solution enables you to efficiently move business applications to the cloud.

Many businesses have complex, legacy networks that can be expensive to run and may no longer be fit for purpose. Our MPLS IP VPN (Multi- Protocol Label Switching Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) is a private wide area networking service enabling you to realise the full benefits of a flexible, connected business. By converging voice, data and multimedia traffic onto a single, secure network, you can reduce costs and simplify your communications set-up, without sacrificing performance. These communications can be prioritised so that activities such as sending an email can be given lower priority than business-critical or delay-sensitive applications such as IP voice. With 24/7 support from our team of experts, we will make sure your network operates smoothly so you can concentrate on your core business.
Ethernet VPN

If your business operates across several locations, has important applications hosted in different places, or has more than one main site or head office, our Ethernet Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is ideal for your needs. It offers a Wide Area Networking (WAN) solution that is cost-effective and can flexibly accommodate changes to your business, such as location moves, new sites and applications, or new people. Unlike legacy systems including leased lines, or other point-to-point Ethernet services, it enables a user or device at any site to directly access a device on another site without having to pass through a central point.
You can also quickly increase the bandwidth at any site by choosing to 'flex' at short notice – this simply means your bandwidth is increased to what you need right now, in increments from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, without the expense of over-specification just in case you need more in the future. The change is permanent until you choose to flex your bandwidth again. Our Team of experts are available 24/7 to provide advice and support whenever you need it.