BlackBerry® ESE

Unlock Your Business Potential

Unlock the potential of your business by connecting all of your employees with the best mobile solution on the marketplace. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is a brand new, simple-to-deploy, inexpensive solution for small and medium sized business. The Blackberry BES Express will provide you with advanced BlackBerry Smartphone business features, all with no additional cost per user or software fees. Offering complete IT control and security features even for those employees who choose to bring their own BlackBerry Smartphone into your business.

Maximize system uptime; minimize unplanned downtime and ensure your employees are always up and running.

If you are looking for a low-cost solution with access to the latest features without compromising your IT security, then the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is the solution for you.


Improve your productivity with wireless access to business applications and advanced Smartphone functionality that drives your business. Help your employees do more with everything from business applications to synchronising email, contacts, calendar, memo, tasks and much more all on the BlackBerry Smartphone.


Get industry-leading security without the software and licensing coasts you might expect. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is designed to provide peace of mind and gives you confidence that sensitive information is shared in a highly protected environment.

Management and Support

Get the tools you need to manage your business with advanced management and support functionality for IT administrators. The BlackBerry BES Express is designed to improve IT productivity, simplify deployments and upgrades and maximise up time. Help reduce the time and resources needed to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications.

BlackBerry BES Express Benefits:

Quick and easy to get up and running
Advanced BlackBerry Smartphone business features
Low-cost business solutions
No additional per user or software fees
Runs on any Internet-enabled BlackBerry data plan

BlackBerry BES Express Features:

Easy-to-use management console
Runs on Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server
Built in protection against malware
Flexible security
IT control and security features