Vodafone One Net

Vodafone One Net


Hale Communications now offers Vodafone One Net. A hosted solution that integrates fixed and mobile voice delivering a simplified communications experience.


How Vodafone One Net can help

Dual Ringing
Never miss a call, never miss an opportunity – always contactable

One Voicemail
Saves time to manage, increased customer response time

Integrated Call Charges

The same costs to call from fixed or mobile device, enabling increased mobility and mobile working.

Free calls within your business

Reduces calling costs (inc. calls from landlines to mobiles)

Hosted Solution

No capital expenditure investment, no maintenance contract, reduced TCO and PBX functionality across fixed and mobile devices

Operates on all mobile devices

No requirement to invest in high end devices

Keep your numbers
No number changes required across fixed and mobile numbers meaning no business opportunities missed.

Click here for further information on One Net desk-phones.

Why Vodafone One Net?

True Convergence

It is the only truly converged telephony solution in the market. It doesn’t use call forwarding, it doesn’t have network restrictions like Wi-Fi and there are no expensive device restrictions either. Your fixed and mobile devices work as one giving you a simpler user experience that enables you to be more efficient, which could save your business money.

Best in class network
Vodafone are the first UK mobile network operator to achieve a leading standard for their robust business continuity management systems. In addition, they have built the capability to monitor call quality constantly, end-to-end across their IP network. This enables them to offer robust service levels, and proactively monitor
network performance.

Communicate how you want to
With Vodafone One Net it costs the same to call from a mobile as a landline, so you can decide how, when and where you make your calls rather than worrying about which is cheapest. More employees can be mobile, meaning your business can be more productive.

Long-term committed roadmap
Vodafone want to enable customers to transform their businesses at their own pace. That’s why we have a long-term committed roadmap including Unified Communications, mobility solutions and a range of business critical applications delivered as hosted services, to help businesses run as effectively as possible