Vodafone One Net Express

Vodafone One Net Express

Your customers will get through to your business every time they call. And if you want to do business further afield, simply give customers a landline number that’s local to them. Your customers will feel more comfortable calling you – and it’ll help you attract more of them.

The mobile solution for small businesses

With Vodafone One Net Express, you get a virtual landline number that goes straight through to your mobile. So you don’t need a separate landline, and there are no call divert charges.

There’s no installation, so getting started is really easy. Either port your existing landline and mobile numbers over to us or we can give you new ones – the choice is yours. We’ll just need to take a few details over the phone.

Respond instantly with innovative call handling

For small businesses, being responsive is vital. One missed phone call can impact on your business. Vodafone One Net Express comes with professional call handling features, configured the way you need them, to help your business become even more responsive.

With Vodafone One Net Express you can focus on the things that matter most. You’ll have one single contract, one bill and one voicemail for landline and mobile calls. It’s simple – and saves you time and hassle.

Professional call handling

Use ‘Big business’ call handling features like Auto Attendant Call Forwarding, Music on Hold and Call Transfer. Easy to set up, it means all your calls are answered professionally, even when you can’t take the call.

Multi-user Hunt Groups

If one person in your team can’t answer a call, Hunt Groups can search other mobiles and divert the call to a person who’s free.

Manage and administer your own PBX features and settings with our One Net Online Application.